Articles you should read (March 3)

HeadlinesArt“Sorry to say that Apple platforms are still more secure: Even after Apple dragged its brand through the mud over the recent SSL/TLS coding bug for iOS and Macs, its computing platforms are still the better choice for security. Despite Apple’s recent SSL/TLS coding screwup (now repaired), non-Mac users must face the fact that life isn’t fair and Apple’s Mac platform and the iOS platform are still more secure than their Windows and Android counterparts.” — Read the article on >

“Apple is building a mobile payments platform To rival PayPal: There is considerable anecdotal evidence that Apple is preparing to invade the mobile payments space. A quick perusal of the company’s recent patent filings leads me to conclude that Apple’s engineers are indeed converging on a large scale mobile payments solution to rival PayPal.” — Read the article on >

“Apple isn’t updating Snow Leopard anymore, here’s what you should know: Snow Leopard has been a wonderful operating system for Macs, but over four years into its life span Apple is posed to send it to the retirement home. The writing was on the wall for Snow Leopard in December 2013 when Apple patched Safari for OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks without thinking about their older sibling.” — Read the article on >

“Scam makes ‘new’ iPhones made from old parts: Tired and broken iPhones are making their way to China where they are stripped for parts and used to build complete handsets, according to photographs taken by an anonymous source. The booming trade for rebuilt phones reportedly sees technicians scavenging working components from old handsets and using them to construct fully-working devices in polished cases that appear brand new.” — Read the article on >

“The long shadow of Steve Jobs: Tim Cook at Apple: Shortly after Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in August 2011, he told a confidant that he got up every morning reminding himself just to do the right thing-and not to think about what Steve would have done. But Jobs’s ghost loomed everywhere after he died from pancreatic cancer two months later.” — Read the article on >

“iPhone Reuse and Recycle program expands into France: Pioneer AppRadio 3 with CD/DVD Lots of cars come with robust stereo systems full of evolving technologies to give people the convenience of a smartphone on their das … StarTech Thunderbolt Docking Station Like USB before it, Thunderbolt is taking a path to ubiquity.” — Read the article on >

“Microsoft wants to expand Xbox Live capabilities on iOS and Android ‘in a big way': Microsoft has been aiming to entrench its popular Xbox Live service into both the iOS and Android ecosystems for several years, having introduced its first Xbox-compatible app SmartGlass in 2011, along with a few other iOS and Xbox hybrid apps.” — Read the article on >

“Can these iMacs cure cancer? In the quiet foothills of Kentucky, a massive supercomputer is churning through data. It is hunting for new drugs to fight cancer. Every week, the DataseamGrid processes 300 man-years worth of calculations. Yeah, that’s 300 years of calculations every week.” — Read the article on >

“Why Mac users can also benefit from a VPN: It used to be that one of the most compelling reasons to get a Mac (as opposed to a PC running on Windows) was that the former was supposed to be as secure as you can get.” — Read the article on >

“The growing stature of Apple TV: As some wonder just what new product categories Apple plans to enter in the coming year, assuming CEO Tim Cook keeps his oft-repeated promises, you wonder whether one of those products may already be there. But it is sort of flying below the radar, because Apple consigned it to hobby status.” — Read the article on >

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